New Moon Scorpio

Michael Zizis
3 min readNov 10, 2023


— in my end is my beginning.

by mike Zizis

November 10,2023

There are between 12–13 new moons every year. These happen every 28 days in the yearly cycle. New moons, like all astrology, are representations, symbolic language, and starry messengers. As I have said before, these lights in the night sky don’t do anything in any kind of measurable physics. Physics means the measurability and activity in and of physical objects. So what are they and what am I talking about? What happens in the planetary astrological sky as it relates to human beings — heralds, chanticleers, announcements, and pointers. The word horoscope means ‘hour pointer’.

We humans have very big brains when compared to our body mass. We have very little idea what to do with all that brainpower. We can always, and I mean always, choose what to remember, yet we act as if we have no choice at all. This is not the nature of nature. And in the best sense the word, we are never apart from nature. New moons wipe the slate clean of the past and give us a new opportunity to renew our contract with living in connection.

This new Moon in Scorpio is certainly one of the most powerful of the year. There is nothing trivial about Scorpio. It is a sign of being pared down to life or death, Life and Death, life and death and rebirth. Scorpio knows that life is never fair, but it can be good. Symbolically, Scorpio represents the lowest chakra, the base of the spine. Life’s energy in the form of a snake rising gradually towards the highest chakra at the top of the head. The lowest chakra represents the instinct for survival at any cost, while the highest one indicates our connection with everything and everyone. Further, in Asian cultures the snake is considered the wise one and the beautiful one. It is only in the West, where one of our favorite hobbies is killing what we can, snakes are considered vile and evil.

In the first 14 days of a waxing new Moon towards a full moon, things; emotions, actions, energy, it is in our own best interest for us to grow the garden of new projects in our journey. In the last 14 days, towards the next new Moon, we are cultivating results, consequences, and that ball we threw against the wall coming back towards us.

There’s an old Ethiopian story, about God visiting a poor farmer. God remarks that the Farmer seems sad and asks why; the farmer says my neighbor has a cow and I don’t have a cow. Then God asks what the poor farmer would like to be done about this. The farmer remarks — kill my neighbor’s cow.

Tarot card number 15, The Devil graphically reveals a man and woman standing on either side of a demonic figure with nooses around their necks, chaining them to the central satanic figure. The nooses are so large that they could lift them off anytime and be free. They both choose not to do this. They choose the path of vengeance spite and hate. Thus they are creating the central figure of darkness. Compare this with card number six the card of The Lovers. These two create the central figure of the angel distilling radiant light and love. Consider the numerology of card number 15; one + five equals six. Six is the card of The Lovers.

In this elemental sense life is either about the best revenge is living well — or — I won’t be happy until you are unhappy too.

This is the dilemma of the most powerful sign of the zodiac, Scorpio. We can choose vengeance or prosperity, create misery or wealth. It is always a choice. Well, as Scorpio is the most powerful sign, why don’t they rule everything, everywhere, all the time? Most Scorpios will self sabotage on their way to dominance. And, who says that they don’t run everything — the illuminati, new World order, etc. You know in your heart that this is simply a way to avoid responsibility for your own actions. But no one ever said you are compelled to be brave, did they. Did they?



Michael Zizis

40 years as a student of astrology. Born in Pittsburgh