Michael Zizis
3 min readSep 14, 2023

the how of we heal.

Attention astrologers. Please locate this new Moon for your local coordinates.

Intent. Intention. Foundation. Prescription. The mandate of heaven. Vision and Vision Quest. Songs of innocence and experience.

These are all — but not exhaustively — words and phrases associated with the best use of the 12 new moons every year. They are particularly applicable to our new Moon in Virgo this year, and every Virgo new Moon every year, for that matter. Each new Moon can, if you immerse in the flow, reveal and enhance the renewal of the spirit, body, fiscal and physical.

Every new Moon is the universe presenting us with the opportunity for renewal.

Depressed people often envision everyday is the same day, every pain is the same pain. They — like the rest of us — are on a passage, whether purgatorial or hellish, as it presents itself through the distortions of memory.

This new Moon in Virgo, along with the new moon in Pisces six months from now, offers us an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the mysteries of healing. Virgos themes are, for instance, the themes of precise surgery, prescriptive and exacting drug therapies, and often the allopathic journey. And I would include precise measurements of a substance that affects the body. Too little and nothing happens, too much and a medicine becomes a toxin. Virgo also symbolizes the search and research for the correct effective drug therapy; for instance ketamine versus SSRI inhibitors.

Exercises and purification are a Virgo theme. While there are myriad manifestations of the theme of purification, one of the most powerful, healing, and possibly destructive examples of purification and precision is — language. Language absolutely can heal, as well as being astoundingly destructive. Language is not the enemy. Laziness and lack of awareness are your and my deadly enemy. It’s been said that evil, in simplified terms, is lack of awareness of consequences. Beyond good and bad our reality consists of consequences, and nothing else.

I’m aware that the word purification sounds a lot like the word perfection; it is not. Life {our journey} is not demonstration but mystery and experiment. From time to time we will all be in the sandbox with deadly and destructive children of all ages; who experiment with violence and domination. As many have said, when it comes from the heart — it goes to the heart.

Our world is a harmless enigma that we magically turn into a sanctified evil. As that Virgo, Leonard Cohen said, you want it darker. Language either has meaning or it doesn’t, and I don’t mean sometimes.

We have toxic black mold in our basement. It’s going to take time money, patience, and analysis to clean this up. We are starting this project during this new Moon in Virgo. Astrology triumphs again.

To be grounded in this essay, Virgo symbolizes the harvest moist Earth, a woman. Its original meaning had nothing to do with virginity. It classically symbolized a young fertile woman. If you love symbols and research and the sometimes misguided search for meaning, you are practicing Virgo principles.

This new Moon gives us all a chance — an opportunity — to clean up our act and take it on the road. Contrary to popular myth we are all now more powerful than ancient Kings and Queens who did easily perish of an infected tooth. Saying that you create your own reality, is far less imperative than owning your personal responsibility for doing better, and I don’t mean perfection. I mean I can, and you, can do better. Meditate, then act. Simple isn’t it. Isn’t it?

Good luck captain!



Michael Zizis

40 years as a student of astrology. Born in Pittsburgh