New Moon in Gemini 2023.

Michael Zizis
3 min readJun 16, 2023

The Talky Talk New Moon

By Mike Zizis

Authors note; I have been absent from these new Moon postings recently because I had a benign tumor removed from the base of my skull and some opening up of my spinal vertebrae. I am closing in on four months since the operation and all seems to be well in my slow and steady healing.

This new Moon takes place at 26° Gemini, June 18, 12:39 AM EDT, in Toronto.

This new moon is comparatively light and airy. New moon cycles last 14 to 28 days. In the first 14 days while the new moon is waxing start new projects, learn from mistakes, start over again if necessary, improve, and get feedback. In the second 14 day cycle give/launch your product or announcement to the world and be ready for feedback. This new moon in Gemini is certainly one of the best for launching a new product or website. In astrology we associate the moon with fortune and the public — among her many rich and varied meanings. We associate the sun with our vitality empowerment and individuality. Thus, a new Moon is a marriage of these themes.

Gemini can be associated with Peter Pan and never land, your inner kid, lightness, logic — if not rationality, versatility, communication, and not wanting to be left out or miss anything. Also, nimble fingers strumming a guitar, or dancing over a piano etc. The Romans associated Gemini with the god facing two directions — Janus. The Greeks with merchants, mile markers, caprice, and a certain dedication to the half man half beast — the god Pan, not known for his faithfulness. The constellation of Gemini consists of at least 10 Pairs of double stars. And yes, more twins are born in June than any other time of the year. Google it — googling is a Gemini experience.

As we have often discussed, new moons are a time of new beginnings. The complexities of memory will aid or degrade this particular Gemini Caprice; for instance, there are more racial memories — cultural memories — of sorrow and loss than there are of joy and careless wanderings. As the rock group, the Eagles say, “Some dance to remember. Some dance to forget.” It is striking to remember that every day, week, month, every decade, the heart, and that dangerous calculator, the mind, search for options rather than sinking into constant fatalism. One of the best examples of mental health is both the ability and the desire to exit the past.

No new Moon is better the new moon in Gemini for creating and dialing in — and choosing options rather than giving up and giving in to the all too subjective realm of memory. Memory is rarely a camera, and cameras only reveal the instance in which a photograph is taken. The previous earthy new Moon in Taurus was an exploration of being steadfast. The coming next new Moon in watery Cancer can be about what do I nurture?

Movies, dance, playing musical instruments, games, learning new skills especially in communication, recreation, new interesting people, reciting Hamlet’s soliloquy backwards or forwards, retraining and growing your brain with juggling light foam balls, even trying a new restaurant, or learning Hindu hand gestures of dance, are a few of the many gifts that a new moon in Gemini brings. Did I mention reading out loud? Oh yes, reading out loud. Remember new moons are an opportunity to renew the contract with life. Go get a bottle of bubbles and have your cat chase them as you blow them around the room.



Michael Zizis

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