Michael Zizis
4 min readDec 12, 2023

the new moon in Sagittarius — 2023

Attention astrologers; please relocate this new Moon for your local coordinates.

Odd that you mention rockets.

Welcome to the fiery energetic visionary new Moon in Sagittarius. This is the last lunation of the 12 new moons in 2023. It occurs the day before Mercury turns retrograde. Nineteen days later the ruler of this new moon — Jupiter — turns direct in Taurus December 30.

All and every new Moon is symbolically about planting a new seed in our cycle of doing and being. The cosmos of the new Moon offers us a new beginning 12 times a year. Our big brains lie to us about everything being the same old this or the same old that. Lack of learning new skills and novelty leads to a lack of new neurons growing in the brain. Neoteny, which means remaining in the pre-adult state, can also be a theme of Sagittarius.

Yes, others seem to go out of their way to constantly remind us that we are inadequately too much or too little, and insufficient in oh so many ways. As existential philosopher, John Paul Sarte, stated, “Hell is other people”. And as the planet Pluto nears the end of this long trek through the sign of Capricorn and dances around the anaretic 29th degree of Capricorn, so this seems to many of us.

Meanwhile 12 new moons every year whisper that we can seize the opportunity to be renewed. We always have the choice of clinging to a past that ended, sometimes long ago.

The Sagittarian centaur is half man, half beast, the beast is a horse, of course. The best known centaur is Chiron, the wounded healer. Being immortal, he withdrew deep into a cave to heal himself from Apollo’s arrow deeply embedded in his thigh. As he healed, he taught himself astrology and brought it out into the world. Astrology is an organizing principle. The flame of Sagittarius also reminds us of our immortality; as the previous sign Scorpio can be the death dealer — Sagittarius is the immortal surviving flame of the spirit, which can never be extinguished. Thus this sign brilliantly illuminates the lie of the concept of physical death.

By anecdote, in my birth horoscope, I have Sagittarius in my sixth House of work and service. I am self employed. This confers mercy to anyone foolish enough to hire me as an employee. Among the myriad meanings we can take from this horsey story is the freedom loved by Sagittarians, and quest for the larger picture of the higher mind. This sign’s key phrase is; “I understand.”

Sagittarius is also a feral or wild sign not easily domesticated. Consider setting your meditation on splashing around great color on a large canvas, moving furniture around in the living room, dreaming about the big TV or SUV, your getaway in Tahiti, raising horses, training dolphins, or skydiving — you get the picture — the big picture. Sagittarius rules big animals such as the Maine Coon cat, one of many big dog breeds {Russian wolf hounds come to mind}, horses etc. Virgo rules — small animals tropical fish, small dogs, parakeets, and the like.

During this 14 to 28 day cycle the moon completes her journey to and away from the sun, creating a meditation on your life’s purpose, as well as how it might change. The current lunar cycle is aligned with these energies. And, yes, Sagittarius also includes police and soldiers.

Above all, regain and retain your inner big kid. Start your novel or your life story, and dream of other places and other times. Now, book a seat on that Airbus A380 and go somewhere exotic.



Michael Zizis

40 years as a student of astrology. Born in Pittsburgh